Property Legal Problems?

We are here to help with any legal issues related to property.

If problems arising from property purchases or sales, wills, deaths, divorce, etc. are encountered:

  1. CPC will provide you with advice and guide you through the local logistic process requirements on compliance with all legal legislation required of you for entry to:- buy/purchase, invest, develop, enter, work, reside and students to study in the UK, USA and the Caribbean.
  2. Ensure the linking of genuine purchasers, investors, vendors, developers, architects, – to buy property with genuine vendors and/or to sell your property.


CPC offer the following services to assist you on how to conduct and co-ordinate your business relating to:-

  • Sales, Buy/Purchase, Rent, Property management, Developments, Accommodations & Travel (airfares, car hire, hotel, villas & gust houses and apartments rental).
  • Club membership clients will receive discounts on all services for 1 year if they take up Club Membership and will receive help and advice on all services offered by CPC.
  • Will Probate or intestate, services to obtain marriage, death, births, title passport certificates on your behalf.
  • CPC will provide you with and guide you through the local logistic process requirements on all legal legislation required of you to: – buy/purchase, invest, develop, enter to reside & work, enter to reside and students to study in the UK, USA and the Caribbean.
  • Banking Assistance: Money Transfer to buy or from sales of property, to set up businesses and ensure the compliances of money laundering are meet, Bank Loans to buy/purchase or to develop,  etc.
  • Returning Residents help and advice on receiving pension, health care, shipping – packing & unpacking, etc.
  • Supporting Services on Property Legal Problems and on investments & developments such as resorts, housing scheme, stocks and bonds.

We can also help develop relationships with manufacturers in China and other countries and areas in Asia.

  • If your are a member of CPC you will receive updates on investments available, services and support, discounted airfares for your travels, discounts on your legal costs and services provided by CPC Ltd.

So if you are currently experiencing problems to sell your property or to buy /purchase then: contact us to arrange your appointment for consultation and release your stress and the pressure of buying, selling and developing, shipping, etc…

Let CPC conduct and coordinate your business transactions for you, and give you the peace of mind and tranquility of business satisfaction and success!