Testimonials / Casestudies

Testimonials of clients on services and assistance provided by CPC Ltd

Client # 1

Client consulted us in late August of 1999 seeking help to obtain the title deeds for a purchase in Jamaica from a credit union bank after completing their mortgage payments. The client claimed that they tried but was told that there was no such documents of title deeds in their name. CPC promised to deliver to the client the said title deeds after consultation within 4 months.

The client received their title from CPC in October 1999 and the client was so very happy and thankful to us. The client said “I was so stressed and depressed over the fact that I had worked so hard to pay off the mortgage and had built a house on the land to retire there and now to hear that I had no legal document to prove ownership. But when I saw the CPC advert, I contacted CPC, an appointment was made for my consultation.

When I got home after my consultation I felt relieved and happy knowing that I had not lost my home & life savings for my retirement. Thanks CPC, I don’t know what I would have done without your services, advice and assistance.”

Client # 2

Client contacted CPC in late 1999 to sell their house in the UK and to buy/purchase a house in the Caribbean. This client had had a stroke and said that other estate agencies in the area had not sold it over the 2 years it had been on the market.
CPC sold the house in 1 week at a higher asking price and profit to the client at true market value of £100,000.00 and settled the client at their new retirement property in the Caribbean.

The client said “when I consulted with CPC I could not walk or even sign my name, just an ‘X’. The services I received from CPC allowed me the time I needed to recover, now I can sign my name and walk. I sold my house in the UK and purchased in the Caribbean, with my pension & health care arrangements all thanks to CPC. For the services and advice I received I will leave part or all of my estate to CPC so CPC can help others like myself!”

Client # 3

Client contacted CPC seeking services in completion of sales of land in Jamaica, the client was not able to travel to the Caribbean so the client’s daughter who is a solicitor selected CPC to act on their behalf. Within 6 weeks the client received their title deeds from us.

The client said when CPC stated that the normal time frame to complete for this services is 45 days they had to see to believe, but when they saw the title delivered in person by CPC, they said that “CPC have standards and have changed our opinion so we will most certainly recommend CPC to friends and other family. Thanks to CPC I did not need to travel!”

Client # 4

Client contacted CPC in Sept. 2007 said they were in the process of buying/purchasing land in a development in the area but was not sure and had some concern regarding the legal representation available in that area after they had paid a deposit on the lot.

After CPC consultation and advice CPC acted on the clients behalf. Within 6 weeks we established that the said lot/land was being sold to another at a higher price before our client had paid their deposit. We immediately requested the clients refund.

The client claimed that the CPC brochure was handed to them on arrival on the island but did not immediately contact us, the client said that if they had not contacted CPC for assistance and advice they would have stand to lose their deposit of almost £20,000.00. “Thank you CPC for your help!”

Client # 5

Client consulted us seeking advice before a sales completion in Spain on the necessary legal land/house ownership laws to include the contents of the sales contract before they make the final step in completion of their sales agreement signature of a purchase of their holiday villa in Spain in a development scheme.

The client was very pleased at the level of advice received from us and was happy to complete their villa purchase. The client said “I am very happy that I took the time to consult with your company and have no more niggling concerns. Thanks to CPC for their services!”